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Water Auditing and Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Assessments

The industrial sector will soon be impacted by the implementation of the EU BREF legislation.  One of the key impacts of this will be the requirement to demonstrate competence in delivering environmental compliance; as well as efficiency limits around the use/treatment of water and waste.

BREF may drive investment in efficiencies across the water/waste cycle as well as in end of pipe treatment technologies which can also offer the potential for resource/value recovery. It can also provide a platform for more innovative approaches to waste valorisation at each stage of the production process.

Aqua Enviro have worked with the food and beverage sector for over 20 years’, providing the first step in identifying areas for improvement via undertaking a water, effluent and waste audit focusing on water reuse, waste and effluent treatment.

Key findings from the investigation include a cost benefit analysis for solutions to reuse water and treat waste and effluent streams. Once the initial investigation is complete Aqua Enviro will support any ongoing works to ensure the desired benefits are achieved.





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