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Site Investigation, Process Optimisation and Troubleshooting

To determine the current issues associated with process operation, identify any modifications required and ensure ongoing compliance, the following scope of works are proposed; –

  • Initial site Assessment of the plant operation, historical data and performance
  • Design review and suitability assessment to identify any modifications or repairs required to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Influent, biomass and effluent analysis to determine process performance including organic loading rate, COD removal, nutrient requirement

These works aim to ensure the ongoing compliance of the SBR process, ensuring consent levels remain below the discharge limits, and if any upgrades are required these will be identified and recommended actions provided.

On-site training process optimisation plant investigation

Once the works are complete a meeting will be arranged to discuss the report and confirm next steps.

Key findings from the investigation include a measure of plant performance, what is the root cause of the current process issues, including what actions are required in terms of operational strategy or design upgrade.

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