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A comparison of the processing of biomass wastes using pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization

Dr Andrew Ross, The University of Leeds: PRESENTATION ONLY


Where does biochar perform the best?

  • Acidic soils pH correction, increased nutrient availability and immobilization of pollutants.
  • Sandy soils Increased soil organic matter content and nutrient retention
  • Poor quality soils, low nutrient and organic matter levels, degraded soils

 Draft guidelines have been set out by both the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) and are set out in the “European Biochar Certificate” (EBC).

 Criteria have been proposed to assess the merits of biochar from different feedstocks:

 Don’t really mention hydrochar that much !

The agronomical properties of biochar /hydrochar typically measured include the levels of bioavailable macronutrients, elemental, moisture and ash contents, pH, stability and surface area.

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