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Optimising Biological Treatment Plants to meet BAT: reduce operating costs and generate revenue by Matthew Smyth

Paper Industry Technical Association (PITA) article by Matt Smyth, Technical Director at Aqua Enviro

Back in 2004 (Paper Technology, Vol.45, No.5, pp.39-41) Matt Smyth, then Senior Process Scientist, now Technical Director at Aqua Enviro (part of Suez Water Technologies & Solutions), wrote an article that highlighted some of the common operational problems that faced effluent treatment plants in the paper
and board industry; how to investigate them; and potential solutions. Fourteen years on, Matt reflects on what has and what may change considering BREF (Best Available Techniques Reference Document),  generating revenue from wastewater via anaerobic digestion and driving down energy consumption whilst
minimising the likelihood of filamentous bulking problems in the activated sludge plant.

The revised BREF brings in to force production based limits for a range of pollutants for the first time in the UK; these are Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, Total Suspended Solids and COD (Figure 1). The main BAT Associated Emissions Levels (BATAEL’s) for the UK sector are contained in BATC 45 (RCF mills with and without de-inking) and BATC 50 (paper and speciality mills). BAT10 also sets the requirements for final effluent monitoring.

Please download the .pdf below to see the whole article

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