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Laboratory Scale Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Trial

Aqua Enviro utilise two main techniques for assessing feedstocks for anaerobic digestion (AD), with these being the Bio-chemical Methane Potential (BMP) test and laboratory scale trials using bench-scale AD reactors.

We recommend Laboratory scale AD trials are used as the 2nd stage of assessment to assess the amenability of the feedstock for AD following BMP testing. Bench scale trials comprise of duplicate reactors operated at conditions tailored to the specific project requirements

Examples of what may be assessed using laboratory scale AD trials:-

  • Digester stability
  • Effect of AD pre-treatment
  • Dewaterability and liquor characteristics
  • Methane yield obtainable from the feed stock
  • Seeding and/or feeding strategies
  • Gas composition / trace contaminants
  • Nutrient requirement
  • Process optimisation
  • VS/COD destruction
  • Ramp up regime
  • Accumulation of inhibitory substances

Synonyms: AD feasibility study, AD pilot trial, AD process modelling, AD treatability trial, AD optimisation trial


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