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Carbonaceous and Nitrification Inhibition Testing

Aqua Enviro utilise three main techniques for assessing feedstocks for aerobic treatment. With these being carbonaceous and nitrification inhibition testing, Zahn Wellens / EMPA RBCOD assessment and laboratory trials using sequence batch reactors.

Carbonaceous and nitrification inhibition testing is usually the first stage of assessment in the amenability of a test material for aerobic treatment.

Using respirometric methods to determine oxygen uptake rate, the sample is tested undiluted on a nitrifying activated sludge seed with and without nitrification inhibitor, compared to a control sample comprising of aerobic seed material and distilled water. All samples contain synthetic sewage to ensure theoretical respiration rate can be achieved

A report of results will be produced which will show:-

• % inhibition to carbonaceous and nitrification bacterial populations
• Brief indication of the Amenability of the feedstock for Aerobic treatment
• Indication of whether the feedstock possesses any inhibitory properties towards carbonaceous and or nitrifying bacterial populations

1kg or 1L of test material is required for the testing.

Synonyms / keywords: toxicity testing, inhibition testing, respiration inhibition, nitrification inhibition, Strathtox, oxygen uptake rate testing, respirometry

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