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Managing Perception of Risk to Secure Landbank for Biosolids, Biowastes and other Bioresources

May 2019, Leeds

Water and waste sectors face very similar issues with respect to landbank access. Although there is a far larger range of hazards associated with biosolids than eg. farm digestates, there are common areas with respect to plastics (be they microplastics in biosolids or macroplastics in green composts), and in many cases there is competition for the same land bank between sectors.

Total or partial ban on land application are in place for several materials, whilst other bans have been lifted, following intensive research, evidence sharing and regulatory input.

This event will provide an opportunity for different sectors to share experiences and best practice in a ‘low-risk’ environment to ensure that they remain on the front foot – and that land bank risks are not subjected to political whim based on perception.

Key themes:

  • Are we confident that the benefits outweigh the risks?
  • Good and bad practice in risk communication – can negative perceptions be changed?
  • Can known unknowns ever be managed?
  • Does industry engage enough with ‘concerned influencers’?

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