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Modelling, Managing and Regulating Phosphorus and Emerging Contaminants at Catchment Level

April 2019, Manchester

Flexible approaches to water quality permitting are currently under development, but we are still not getting the basics right in terms of preventing diffuse agricultural pollution or ensuring that equipment is maintained/calibrated at smaller, remote works.

To date, the emphasis has been on point-source reduction of phosphorus, but it is increasingly clear that background concentrations are making WFD compliance impossible to deliver this approach – and that other (diffuse) phosphorus sources need to be managed.

To do this effectively requires a catchment level approach using skills that are not necessarily core to WaSCs.  There are various catchment level intiatives – but how well are they doing, and how much more can be done?

Key themes: 

  • Where have source controls had an impact at catchment level, and how have these controls been delivered?
  • How to engage with the environmental regulators to best deliver flexible regulatory approaches
  • How to identify and work with key catchment groups, such as farmers and landowners
  • How to model, price and share costs / benefits

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