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Improving the Quality of Surface Water in Europe

11th October 2016, Manchester Town Hall, UK

co-funded-ei-vertProject_LogoThis workshop has been developed within the CFIS-ECOPHARMA project which is funded by the EU’s ECO-INNOVATION initiative. CFIS-ECOPHARMA is a €1m research project and unique partnership of six organisations which aims to improve the quality of surface waters across Europe and meet new EU legislation standards, especially Pharmaceuticals and
Personal Care Products (PPCPs), as well as pesticides in water.

What is CFIS?

CFIS is a sampling device for the control of pollution in water, with no membrane, is capable to calculating Time Weighted Average concentration monitoring (TWA), with validated sampling rate per unit time, independent from in-field turbulences. The device is based in the most advanced technology for extraction of pollutants in water, SPE and SBSE, which facilitates the analysis of the samples following techniques and protocols.

Speakers include:
  • Chris Sinclair :


  • Adela Maghear:

    HCWH Europe

  • Nick Cartwright:

    Environment Agency, UK

  • Jennifer Hughes:

    Thames Water Utilities, UK

  • Debbie White :

    British Geological Survey, UK

  • Angel Encinas-Bogeat:

    FCC Aqualia, Spain

  • Mike Dempsey:

    Advanced Bioprocess Ltd, UK

  • Julio Llorca:

    Labaqua SA, Spain

  • Azziz Assoumani:

    Labaqua SA, Spain

  • Adela Yanez:

    Labaqua SA, Spain

  • Yvan Poussade:

    Veolia, UK

  • Kees Roest :

    KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Netherlands

  • Pascal Marlin:

    Veolia, UK

  • Jens Scheideler:

    Xylem Services GmbH, Germany

This EU funded workshop is free to attend - however places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please email to register your interest.
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