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11th IWA Specialist Group Conference on Wastewater Pond Technologies

21st - 23rd March 2016, Leeds University Business School, UK

Innovations in Pond Technology for Achieving Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

The IWA Specialist Group in Wastewater Pond Technology promotes the sustainable use of waste stabilization ponds (WSP) for wastewater treatment in both industrialised and developing countries, and is delighted to invite you to their 11th IWA Specialist Group Conference on Wastewater Pond Technologies, which is organised by the University of Leeds in partnership with Aqua Enviro and with the support of water@leeds and the Institute for Public Health and Environmental Engineering.  This conference is one of the most important events gathering researchers and practitioners around the world, who work on the integration of ponds technology to a number of other wastewater treatment technologies.

This international conference intends to make available the latest discoveries and proven technologies from pond systems, with the ultimate aim of achieving sustainable and affordable wastewater treatment systems.  Wastewater pond technology has made significant contribution to sewage treatment around the world by providing low-cost and effective treatment technologies.  Latest research and experiences in full-scale pond systems have examined treatment alternatives that might provide radical changes to how we currently treat wastewaters, both in industrialised and developing countries. In particular, this conference aims to promote the use of low-cost treatment technologies that provide added value from reducing operation and maintenance costs, while meeting stringent discharge water quality standards; and the recovery and reuse of resources from wastewater streams in the form of bioenergy generation, safe wastewater for reuse for agriculture, nutrient recovery and opportunities for novel chemicals from by-products.

The extensive experience in combining the use of anaerobic, heterotrophic and photosynthetic microorganisms in waste stabilization pond systems constitute an important asset for the development of a modern model for wastewater treatment systems with emphasis in resource efficiency systems. Such approach will open up new possibilities for sustainable and more bio-based economic growth, including the recovery and reuse of valuable resources embedded in wastewater steams. These features are important to encourage both a circular economy and a green economy and to move wastewater treatment away from being considered a drain on resources, to one where it can make a positive economic contribution.

This conference will cover aspects of innovative pond technology applications for improving wastewater treatment systems, and in particular we will have presentations covering the following topics:

  • Pathogen control and wastewater reuse in agriculture
  • Land intensive, low-energy treatment options for small and rural communities
  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment: where is it practical?
  • Enhancing solids recovery from wastewater
  • Alternatives to methane for recovering the value of carbon in wastewaters
  • Innovative products from screenings and grit
  • The applications of algae for nutrient recovery and biofuel production
  • Energy and economic balances, what are the practical limits in resource recovery?
  • Case studies for innovative pond technology developments
  • The potential for pond technology within The Nutrient Factory
  • Post treatment of effluent from anaerobic membranes and UASBs

We will also be hosting a free 1-day, specialist course in the Design of Modern Wastewater  Stabilization Ponds Systems. The course will be delivered prior to the conference sessions on the 21 March 2016.     That course is mainly aimed at Young Water Professionals, who already know or work with waste stabilization pond systems and want to achieve a higher degree of specialisation in the field, as well as other researchers and professionals specifically interested in this topic.  Places are limited so please ensure you book your place when you register.

This conference will be housed in the impressively renovated 19th-century Maurice Keyworth building, which is part of the Leeds University Business School. It is situated on the Western Campus of the University of Leeds, which includes the Leeds Innovation Centre and the Marks & Spencer company archive, with over 60,000 artefacts and pieces from London to Leeds.

Delegates attending this conference will also have access to the Innovations in Wastewater Treatment conference taking place on the 22nd March.

Delegate Fees

High Income Country Non IWA 660
IWA Member 550
Students 220
Low Income Country Non-IWA 410
IWA Member 385
Students 220

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£550 (ex. 20% VAT)

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