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Environmental Sampling and Monitoring

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Environmental sampling and monitoring services with Aqua Enviro’s experienced team of technicians and process scientists who can provide expert advice for all your site requirements throughout the UK and Ireland.

Aqua Enviro specialises in comprehensive and independent environmental sampling and monitoring services in water, wastewater, biosolids and organic waste.

From flow and load surveys to river and catchment monitoring, we offer impartial and cost-effective methods, including a detailed analysis of data we receive.

All our work is supported by our process team, and we are able to tailor processes to your requirements and include technical advice and investigative consultancy.

Our in-house analytical services can allow rapid turnaround times.

*All our sampling and monitoring equipment is MCERTs compliant.

Water Sector

  • Flow and load Surveys
  • Commissioning support and process performance testing
  • Operator Self-Monitoring (OSM) Sampling
  • Sewer catchment sampling
  • River and catchment monitoring
  • Water Treatment Works sampling
  • Biosolids handling and treatment monitoring
  • Odour septicity surveys
  • Sludge lagoon sampling

Waste Sector

  • Leachate Treatment Plant monitoring and compliance
  • Digester performance and digestate quality monitoring

Industrial Sector

  • Water efficiency audits and waste minimisation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Process stream assessments
  • Data for Effluent Plant Design

All our sampling and flow monitoring equipment is MCERTS compliant. We are able to provide in-house analytical services with rapid turnaround and bespoke test methods to support our sampling services.

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