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Commissioning & Operational Support

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Do you want to save time, reduce costs and contractual risk during the commissioning process?

We supply skilled staff and analytical services to work on the commissioning of water, wastewater, sludge treatment and renewable energy projects.

Our specialist knowledge, supported by our process innovation laboratory can optimise performance and reduce commissioning cost.

We work for consultants, engineering contractors, construction companies and utilities, providing;

  • Design work
  • Contract review
  • Pilot plant operation
  • On-site commissioning
  • Technical training of site staff
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Weekend site cover
  • Process performance testing

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Our highly skilled team are experienced in the operation and commissioning of:

  • Physical chemical treatment (ie. DAF’s, WTW’s, Nutrient removel)
  • Dewatering plants including centrifuges and belt presses
  • Activated sludge processes
  • Thermal hydrolysis sludge pre-treatment processes
  • Anaerobic digesters
  • Sludge drying plants

Our staff roles include: analysts, process scientists, process engineers, process managers and specialist roles including chemists, microbiologists and regulatory specialists.  All site staff hold valid Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and EUSR hygiene cards.

We can provide analytical and monitoring equipment as well as full laboratory facilities.

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